Paula Batalla-Remetio: Bagong Nanay in the New Normal

Hello, #BagongNanay!

I am so happy that you are still here.

Ang daming ganap ng 2021, ano?

2021 tayo nagsimulang mag-share ng mga Kuwentong Bagong Nanay. From Mommy Ericka in Canada, who shared how she’s surviving being a mom of a little boy and a baby girl, to Nanay Esther who happily moved from Manila to Cagayan Valley with her little family.

Si Mommy Freda in Rizal, inispluk ang secret to juggling three roles as a mom, employee, and entrepreneur. Si Mommy Chee in Laguna, nireveal naman ang perks and trade-offs of being an influencer.

Andiyan din Si Mommy Rej in Antipolo, who emphasized the importance of taking care of our mental health. Just like Mommy Jo-an, na nag-log off sa lahat ng social media accounts niya for her sanity.

Nakakainspire din ang kuwento ni Mommy Cy of Mandaluyong, who became a Bagong Nanay at age 39. At siyempre si Mama Mindy, who was inspired to become a postpartum fitness coach and help other Bagong Nanays.

Eye-opening ang kuwento ni Mommy Erin of Parañaque about her five tattoos. Heartwarming naman ang kuwento ni Mommy Tzarina, who chose to leave her work in Singapore to be home with her daughter in Pasig. At tear-jerking naman ang story ni Mommy Honey of Quezon City, on how it’s like to be a mom of hyper kids.

And for our last #KuwentongBagongNanay for 2021, Mommy Paula Batalla-Remetio shares what it’s like being a Bagong Nanay in the New Normal.

Be inspired by her story of constant worry and fear, and also endless love and hope for her dear son, Lati. Lati is the Hiligaynon term for “new moon.”

May her story inspire you to believe in new beginnings and look forward to a better year ahead. ✨

Maraming salamat, Bagong Nanays, for sharing your stories that empower other Bagong Nanays.

1. What were the top 3 challenges you faced as Bagong Nanay during a pandemic?

First, my family and I got COVID on my 7th month of pregnancy. I didn’t get severe symptoms but even though I was recovered already, it took a while before my RT-PCR came back negative. I was so afraid it will affect my baby in any way or that I will have to give birth in a COVID building. Thank God that on my 36th week (after 3 RT-PCRs), my results came back negative and I was given clearance to be admitted in the non-COVID wing.

Second, working full time. After my maternity leave, I tried the WFH setup for a while and it was really difficult. I get really guilty that I’m at home and yet, I’m working instead of being in the other room taking care of my baby. Then even when I came back to work on site, I got really “baby-sick” I just miss my baby so much more. 

It has been 4 months since I came back to work and I’m still adjusting to not being present 24/7.

Finally, it’s not being able to share your baby to your loved ones. I come from a big family where we are all very close. When I got pregnant, I imagined that once I deliver my baby, I’ll have all my titos and titas and ates and kuyas waiting for me on the hospital room. But of course, it wasn’t possible.

Mommy Paula and her baby Lati

It may sound cliche, but I really prayed every single day of my pregnancy. I had a miscarriage before so I was really scared and anxious about getting pregnant again so fast.

Paula Batalla-Remetio for

2. What’s it like being a Bagong Nanay living in the new normal? Share a day in your life.

I am very lucky that I have my mom with me. We were like a tag team when Lati was born. We would take turns in taking care of Lati — she’d let me catch up on sleep while she gets  Lati for paaraw. I’d wake up and prepare Lati’s bath. While I feed Lati, she’d wash all of Lati’s clothing. Then she gets Lati for a nap so I can wash and sterilize bottles, then clean up our room. We have developed some sort of routine where in a day, we get to attend to all of Lati’s needs while also doing the laundry, cleaning the room, and ironing all of Lati’s clothing, etc.

Looking back, I don’t know really how we managed to do everything daily with little to no sleep, but we did.

3. What are your 3 tips to pregnant moms or those who are planning to give birth at a time like this?

  • If you are not vaccinated yet against COVID, please consider getting the vaccine. Make sure to check with your OB though. I was on my 40th week when I got my COVID vaccine schedule so my OB asked that I postpone until after I give birth so there wouldn’t be any problem with my hospital admission in case I get fever.
  • Join online communities. I for one subscribed to Baby Center app. Like with everything, stay informed through reliable sources so you don’t give yourself unnecessary worries.
  • Pray. It may sound cliche, but I really prayed every single day of my pregnancy. I had a miscarriage before so I was really scared and anxious about getting pregnant again so fast. Praying calmed me, healed me, and allowed me to believe and trust that my heart’s desire is God’s will.

4. What apps/hacks helped you go through your Bagong Nanay journey?

1. Baby Center – the best!
2. Calendar
3. Glow Baby (at least during the 1st 2 months when I record everything from feeding time/amt to count of pee and poop to duration of sleep/nap)

5. What are you most excited about 2022 for you and your child?

Lati be like, “2022, I’m coming for you!”

With the ease of restrictions, we’re finally able to visit our hometown for the Christmas holidays where my baby was able to meet our relatives. So I’m looking forward to more opportunities like this where I can share to my loved ones my little bundle of joy. Haha!

Also, we haven’t brought Lati to any amusement park yet because I’m still anxious about visiting public attractions, but hopefully we can this 2022.

He’ll also be celebrating his 1st bday on 2022 so I’m excited to start planning already.

Excited for what 2022 has in store for you, Mommy Paula and Lati!

6. In only six words, describe what kind of Bagong Nanay you are.

By-the-book but also somewhat laid-back mom

I like to read and observe, then bombard my son’s pedia with questions on our next visit (if I haven’t already asked on Viber hahaha). Knowing calms me so I don’t freak out easily when I notice something out of the ordinary.

I am Paula from Mandaluyong.
I am the Bagong Nanay of Lati, 7 months old.
When I’m not being a doting mama, I binge-watch on Netfix or catch up on office work that I didn’t get to finish because I was either checking Lati on the baby cam/video calling him.

Need another Bagong Nanay to talk to? Join the Bagong Nanay Community on Viber and on Telegram. Send me a message for the invite link.

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