Nanays give advice to Bagong Nanays who live with their mother-in-law (MIL)

Hello, #BagongNanay!

Kamusta ka? Tapos mo na ba ang Hometown Chachacha? Ito ang question of the week para sa akin eh, hehe.

Pero grabe, intense ang ating Question of the Week! Tinanong ko lang naman kung ano ang advice ng mga nanay para sa mga Bagong Nanay who are living with their mother-in-law (MIL).

Nakakatuwa marinig ang iba’t ibang opinyon nila, at meron pang nagpadala ng kanyang response anonymously!

Choose your battles

Same goes with friends and family who give unsolicited advice on how to be a parent diba?

Compromise is key

Eto ay kung makikipagkumpromiso din siya.

Second mom

Ang tanong: paano mo ba tinatrato ang mom mo?

Listen. Only.

Iwas gulo ito. Hehehe.

Two words.

Ah pwede naman palang pag-usapan muna. Hehe. Basta si husband ang makikipag-usap!

The art of deadma

A wise nanay once said… haha!


In fairness!

The bottomline is…

Kanya-kanya tayong opinyon, and iba-iba ang experiences natin.

MIL in Heaven

Siguro most of us nanays will become MIL din in the future. How do we want to be remembered by our children? How do we want our in-laws to treat us? Reflect din tayo on this pag may time.

As for me, get to know your MIL and her love language. Baka sakaling magkaintindihan kayo. Talk to your husband if you feel uncomfortable with your setup. And if all else fails, ask God for guidance. Hehe.

Ikaw, anong advice mo sa Bagong Nanays who are living with their mother-in-law? Share mo naman!

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