Bagong Nanay Reviews: Young Living Premium Starter Kit

When I was pregnant with my first-born, I had trouble sleeping.

That’s why one of my closest friends gave me a lavender roller bottle.

I used it a lot, and it worked for me, especially on the day before I gave birth.

Since my waterbag broke, I had to keep my baby inside my womb for three days before it’s safe for her to come out.

I was given a lot of meds, which made me unable to sleep well.

The night before I gave birth, I had a really bad headache. But I cannot take paracetamol because I was taking other meds.

“Pwede po ba ang essential oil? Pakisabi po sa husband ko, pakikuha sa pouch ko.”

My lavender roller was among the things I packed in my hospital bag, and true enough, after inhaling it, I dozed off.

That was probably one of the most important sleeps I had because I need rest and energy for my CS operation the next day.

The operation went well, and my baby was also born healthy. Thanks to what helped me sleep the other night.

The thing is, that lavender roller was not a Young Living product.

And it’s not even a 100% pure essential oil. But it worked for me at a time I needed it most.

So what more if I try to use 100% pure essential oils by Young Living?

Young Living oils are of course, more expensive. But is it worth it?

Here are my thoughts when I finally got hold of a Young Living Premium Starter Kit.

1. It is not for everyone.

2. It is not easy to use.

3. It will take a lot of your time.

4. It is expensive.

5. It will change your life.

Continue reading to find out why.

Not for everyone

Watch me unbox my first Young Living Premium Starter Kit!
One of my ultimate #budolfinds in 2021

And it’s okay. Some love it, some hate it. Some cannot comprehend why there is a need for EOs, and some can’t live without it.

To each his own. YL products might be too pricey for some, but what’s good about it is that once you’ve tried it, you will always find a use for it.

My 2yo loves playing with the oils – of course with my supervision! She has memorized all the oils’ names and colors!

It’s a learning journey.

Happy to be a member of Oil Matters PH!

Yes, you can just diffuse or inhale or use the oils topically, but when you become a member of a group that loves learning together, you will discover the many many uses and benefits of essential oils.

The group that I belong to has regular (and I mean everyday) classes that help you unlock what else you can do with oils.

It’s a learning journey, because there is a lot to love and to learn about it.

Infinite possibilities

I didn’t know that I can use oils for a lot of things like cleaning the kitchen, or making an air freshener, or just cleaning the air!

I thought it was only used for diffusing so you can have good sleep.

Mandatory diffusing photo on the first night I got my PSK! Lavender + Stress Away blend for a good night’s sleep

Having a PSK at home, you can make roller blends, massage oils, and hygiene and cleaning products that are all-natural. Unlike vitamins that you will just take, or rejuv sets that you will just pahid on your face, the PSK is sobrang sulit, ikaw ang mapapagod sa dami nang pwede mong gawin!

You can make candles and soaps, or just add it to your all-natural facial wash or hair conditioner to spice things up!

Totoo yung sabi nila na every drop goes a long way!

I made this roller blend for my sisters who love to eat, and called it Mukbang! Peppermint + Digize + V6 oil

Best gift to give and receive

If you watched the unboxing video of my Premium Starter Kit, you can see from my face how amazed I was on how soshal and PREMIUM it is.

Pang-alta ang amoy and experience when you open it for the first time!

So if you are looking for a gift to someone who is extra special to you, say, your mom, sister, mother-in-law, boss, bestfriend, ninang, or tita, trust me, a Young Living Premium Starter Kit will not disappoint.

Lakas maka-sosyal! Every home should have this!

Start of a healthier lifestyle

Pre-YL, I didn’t know that we have been using cleaners or medicines that contain harmful substances like formaldehyde or parabens.

But when I had one, I was able to make my own all-natural products that I know are safe for my child.

One time, I woke up with a stiff neck. I would usually use SalonPas and put it on my neck.

But because I don’t have SalonPas at home, and instead of going out to buy it, I used the After Workout Massage oil I made for my husband.

After Workout massage oil for my husband! Peppermint + Panaway + Frankincense + V6 oil

After two applications and massages on my neck area, no more pain!

Another time I had a terrible headache after a long day of Zoom meetings.

I put a drop of Frankincense EO on my palm and inhaled it.

I’ve always wanted to smell frankincense, and when I did, I cannot unsmell it!

My headache was gone in a snap.

I cannot believe it either. But yes, frankincense is an amazing oil that’s been praised for centuries for its benefits. I know that too because I used to work for a Canada-based company that sells 100% pure frankincense and myrrh products from Somalia. Check them out here.

Ever since I wanted our bathroom to smell good, so I created an air freshener! It has a faint smell that lasts for days, but better than panghi!

Easy DIY air freshener using Citrus Fresh and Lemon EOs + baking soda!

My husband who recently had colds, swear by inhaling and applying Peppermint EO on his chest.

He said it helped relieve his nose and sleep well. But I didn’t stop, I made an inhaler for him – Lavender, Peppermint, and Frankincense. I also make an LLPFC blend for him.

The list goes on! I tell you, it’s a life-changing experience.

My work essentials includes a bottle of Peppermint EO!

Are you also an oily nanay? What are your favorite oils? Or you want to try it too? Comment below, and let’s go through this oily journey – together! I can send you free samples or roller blends, if you want!

You can also click here to get your own Young Living Premium Starter Kit, and get started towards a healthier lifestyle!

This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story Judy! Truly amazing,this Young Living Essential Oils are life changing


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