Speedster Solutions: Helping nanaypreneurs make better business decisions through clear, organized data

Whoa! It’s been a year since I took the leap and set up The Bagong Nanay Shop.

I’ve always had this fear and hesitation to start a business, thinking “hindi ako magaling magbenta.”

So when I finally had the chance to start a business and become a nanaypreneur, I started reselling M2 Malunggay Tea in August 1, 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a product I use, so I thought, might as well resell it so I will not run out of stocks!

The Bagong Nanay Shop, est Aug 2020. Nuks!

Fast forward to today, I’m still at it, and I can say na mas madami akong natutunan versus kinita sa pagbi-business.

Madami din akong na-gain na new friends, and rekindled relationships because of the products I sell.

And it was all God’s grace + hard work on my end.

As a seller, willing ako makipagpuyatan basta maka-respond sa customers.

I didn’t know I could do more when I offered my products in a nearby store here in our home.

Doing business is about taking calculated risks.


I approached a 24/7 healthy convenience store branch here in Eastwood City, asking if they can place my products in their store.

After a couple of emails and free samples, we agreed to do a consignment setup. I thought that was the hard part!

I offered to deliver the products personally, and di siya biro. Kahit malapit lang sila, literal na one block away, effort siya.

Ginusto ko to, I said. And I know someday it will bear fruit.

Mode of delivery, lol

Bilang baguhan tayo sa business, ano ba yung consignment?

Based sa na-Google ko, it’s technically an agreement to pay a supplier of goods after the goods are sold.

So may agreed price kami, then I provide the products based on their orders, then I wait for their sales report at the end of the month, and then I’ll get paid.

My products in their store!

On our first month, mano-mano lahat syempre, like they ordered via email, then I gave them a handwritten delivery receipt, etc.

Feel na feel ko ang pagiging half-businesswoman, half-kargador. Abangers ako sa email nila kung ilan ang nabenta, sinisilip ko yung store nila kung nabawasan ba, etc.

Not to mention, lagi ako tinatanong ni husband, “magkano na ba kita mo diyan?” To which I always reply, “maya i-check ko.” Lol

Kilig. Eto bestseller nila sa mga products ko so far.

But as days passed, parang feeling ko I need to automate the system. Hindi pwede itong ganitong mano-mano.

That’s when I sought the help of Speedster Solutions. I had the chance to talk to the founder (nuks!) who is my former colleague and great friend Jed Santos.

Q: Tell us a bit about you. Why are you doing this?

I am a professional content editor and I currently work for an Australian media and events company. But what brought me to tinkering with spreadsheets?

I have a friend who owns a vegetable-selling business with a couple of employees. Unlike other small business, they do track their numbers (sales, income, profit, expenses). I created spreadsheets for them around 2010, very basic spreadsheets, and a decade later here comes the lockdown, which presented me plenty of time to look at those again.

I thought, these are awfully plain, so I decided to up the ante and watch plenty of YouTube videos. In the process, I discovered that I do completely understand the intelligence of Excel. Those plain-looking spreadsheets turned into dynamic versions months later, literally unrecognizable from the previous ones. And I just kept going, claiming the skill for myself until I became confident that, with its powerful features, I can do magic.

Speedster Solutions founder Jed Santos and my little Lia ❤

Q: Why should micro, small, and medium business owners trust Speedster Solutions?

#1. Speedster Solutions was born out of genuine concern to ease the burden of employee and business data management experienced by my closest friend. Many people don’t know what they need until you show it to them, and that’s what we are here for — we show business owners that it’s possible to automate their data management, thereby allowing them to have more time to spend on generating revenue for their business.

If you can think it, Speedster Solutions can do it!

#2 We have helped actual business owners and individuals make their lives easier using functional spreadsheets. We have no doubt we can help more people by solving their pain points when it comes to managing, organizing, presenting, and interacting with their business data.

We show business owners that it’s possible to automate their data management, thereby allowing them to have more time to spend on generating revenue for their business.

Jed Santos, Founder, Speedster Solutions

#3 We figure things out for our clients. If a requested solution is currently beyond our means or scope, we break through that wall to search for answers that will help us fulfill what we need to do.

Speedster Solutions for The Bagong Nanay Shop

Yes, yung number 3 talaga. When I approached Jed, I only sent him the current Google Sheets that I use, told him my problems (or pain points), and voila! “Please check your email, Judy,” na siya. Speedster yarn?

Q: What makes Speedster Solutions services different from its competitors?

We provide bespoke spreadsheet solutions. Because we know that no two businesses are the same, we only deliver products that have been customized to the specific needs of our clients.

Sample work of Speedster Solutions: Payroll OS Ultimate

We make sure the final workbook addresses their pain points and usability is frictionless. That’s why we ask lots of questions before even starting — we want to understand how every business owner handles their data and we try to model their thinking so that when they do use our product, they have a certain level of familiarity.

Wag ka ma-intimidate sa word na ‘bespoke.’ Haha. Customized spreadsheets for your business lang ang ibig sabihin niyan. Lol

Kung ano yung need mo, no frills, they will make it for you.

In my experience, I only wanted a consignment sheet that the store will fill out para hindi na humaba yung email thread namin.

And para na rin ma-track ko ang sales nila real-time without having to make silip in their store. Hehe.

I’ve yet to introduce to my consignee the automation that Speedster Solutions created for me.

Kakatapos lang kasi ng first two months namin na mano-mano, and I know that this new process will help us a lot.

I will update this blog post once we’ve used the system!

For now, if you think your business needs something like this, contact Speedster Solutions.

Best part is – they are giving nanaypreneurs – yes, you – a 30% off discount to their current promo rate of Php750 for one (or your first) spreadsheet. Yes, ang mura diba?

Yes yes yes! Avail na nanaypreneurs!

Just share this review in any of your social media accounts, and send a screenshot when you message them!

Life-changing ito, mga nanaypreneurs. Go!

Email: speedstersolutions@gmail.com
Chat: m.me/speedstersolutions
Inquiry form: https://tinyurl.com/inquiryspso
Landing page: https://tinyurl.com/speedstersolutions

Let me know about your experience with Speedster Solutions by leaving a comment below!

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