How an online workshop sparked my toddler’s interest in clay

This is a long overdue blog post, but I really just want to share this, especially to nanays who are finding ways to entertain their little ones amid the pandemic.

Last May, I was invited by a fellow Bagong Nanay (hello Mommy Tzarina!) to join an online workshop. Both our babies were barely two years old, and we thought it would be chaos to have them join one.

It was for Mother’s month, so avail!
Photo from Cascades International School Facebook page


It would be my toddler and I’s first time to join an online class with a legit teacher. We are just used to video calls with family and friends, or Zoom meetings where she’ll have a cameo appearance, lol.

So Teacher Cath of Cascades International School sent via email the list of materials and some reminders for the class. My husband bought the materials, and we patiently waited for the big day.

Husband bought two kinds of clay, but the BEST BUY brand is indeed the best buy! The Crayola brand is too sticky.

It was my toddler’s first-ever online class! To be honest, I got a bit teary-eyed (lol) because she was behaved and attentive most of the time.

I did all the work, don’t worry guys

Clay portrait for mom

I thought I already know what were going to do in the class, but I was amazed how Teacher Jeska used the clay to create an actual portrait! She was very patient, and her instructions were clear. We had a lot of fun!

Yey! Our output

Now the point of this blog post is to show the effect of joining that one online class to my toddler.

After that class that she enjoyed, she looooooooved playing with clay, until this day.

Here are some of our masterpieces!

A breakfast for Barbie by nanay
Clay balls by Nanay
Clay flowers by Nanay, BUT arranged by Lia
Lia, proud of our first collab art
Also arranged by Lia
Her idea to give the blue to Tatay, pink to Nanay, and yellow for her
Ice cream!
Her attempt to make her own clay designs
THIS WAS JUST HER. Integrating clay to her real toys! This is Ice Bear with a party hat and cake made by Lia
HER IDEA to copy a bear clay figure in her book
And this was her last night – around 11pm. Busy making something…
Then she said, “Nanay! Nanay!” SHE MADE HER OWN CLAY PORTRAIT OF NANAY!” (Can you see the singkit eyes? So accurate)

My two cents

If we say yes to new experiences for our kids like online workshops – and give access to materials – may it be clay or paint brush or piano – then we are opening them to a whole new world and endless possibilities.

I’m so happy that I said yes on her behalf, because after that class, my husband and I agreed to expose our daughter to whatever hobby or activity she finds interesting, and then support her if she likes it. We’ll also not pressure her if she doesn’t like it! That’s how we’d like to be as her parents.

Do you have online workshops that you would like to recommend for us to try? Comment below!

Check out Cascades International School’s Instagram for details on upcoming classes and workshops. This is not a sponsored post.

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