Chee Vicente: The Perks and Trade-offs of Being an Influencer Nanay

Hello, #BagongNanay!

Alin ka dito: yung simula nagka-baby eh panay post na ng pictures niya sa social media, o hanggang gallery lang talaga ang mga selfies niyo?

For our #KuwentongBagongNanay, tinanong ko si Mommy Chee Vicente, isang nanay na introvert, kung paano nga ba maging isang katulad niya na content creator at influencer. She has over 7,000 followers and counting sa kanyang page na Mommy Chee Speaks. Worth it nga bang i-set to public ang iyong buhay nanay?

Read more and know the perks and trade-offs of being an influencer nanay.

1. What made you decide to go public in posting your nanayhood journey?

When I started my Instagram account, I only thought about myself. I wanted to use it as platform to speak what’s on my mind. It will be an outlet for my creative juices. It’s where I could share my learnings from reading articles, watching videos, and my personal experiences.

Some of my friends, who were then my first followers, started thanking me for my posts. They said that my posts were something that even they themselves cannot bravely express, and they find it inspiring. That was the time when I set my Instagram account to public.

I believe that some women, especially moms, need someone who can speak on their behalf – probably because of their fear of being judged and humiliated. 

I feel grateful when women and moms share their thoughts on the comment section of my posts. I also learn from them.

My Instagram page then became a platform not only for myself, but also for other women, especially moms. 

2. What are the perks of being an influencer nanay? Can you share your top 3?

When my outputs are recognized, it is a more fulfilling experience than receiving free products.

Chee Vicente, influencer nanay

First, I found new acquaintances when I became an influencer nanay. Daming communities pala ng nanay na hindi ko alam, kasi prior to building Mommy Chee Speaks, I’m not active in social media nor part of mommy groups. I am an introvert type of person kasi.

Second, I am learning a lot. From photo/video editing to caption writing to content strategy, I try to improve day-by-day. I also learned a lot from other influencers kasi may nakilala akong influencers who are willing to share their knowledge and skills by replying to my questions via direct message or DM. Haha.

I also learn from my followers through their comments, and some of them share their personal experiences with me through DM too.

Finally, what that I like about being an influencer nanay is that I gained opportunities to showcase my talents through working with brands, guesting in live streams & podcasts, and other collaboration projects. When my outputs are recognized, it is a more fulfilling experience than receiving free products. 😂

Mommy Chee and her son, Tian

3. What are the top 3 trade-offs of having a public profile on social media?

Having a public profile on social media is a daily risk.

First, our privacy (including my immediate family) is somehow compromised. I sometimes post pictures including them and we don’t know if some bad person might grab these pictures and use them for selfish reasons. So for our safety, I don’t post everything about our lives unless I want my readers to gain something from it, or the brand requires it.

Having a public profile on social media is a daily risk. It also exposes me to a high risk of mental stress.

Chee Vicente, influencer nanay

I take time to read the comments of my followers, respond to them, and learn from them so I can plan what content I should post next. Because I treat my followers as my community, I spend time responding to their comments and DMs.

Being out in the public exposes me also to a high risk of mental stress. As an introvert, hindi ako sanay sa maraming tao. Plus, having a larger audience means having a diverse set of thoughts and beliefs.

I’ve met some influencers and non-influencers who almost made me stop this page. Glad that I was able to learn to compose myself, and be able to let go of those unhealthy stressors.

4. If you can go back to your first Instagram post, what would you have done differently?

We say that we have to change what we did before to make it better. But for me, I wouldn’t change anything. That’s the process that I had to go through. 

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As per my first post, it will always be a reminder of how far I have gone being an influencer and a content creator. My first post is my stepping stone to where I am right now.

5. What is your dream brand collab and why?

This question is a bit hard for me. Pero I dream of working with Puregold or Super8. Haha.

Since most of my followers ay simpleng nanay din, mas madaling gawan ng content yun mga ganito, yung abot-kaya, yung feasible, ‘di ba? I’m having a hard time creating content kapag yun brand is hindi naman affordable ng karaniwang tao, especially ngayon na pandemic. And honestly, I am not an “into brand” type of person, so kung ako rin ang mag-eengage sa posts ng iba, doon ako sa products na kaya kong bilhin. 

6. In only six words, describe what kind of Bagong Nanay you are.

I am a Bagong Nanay with faith, confidence, motivation, and love.

I am Chee Vicente from Laguna.

I am the Bagong Nanay of Tian, a 9-year-old boy.

When I’m not busy with my job and household chores, I ride my bike, play with dogs, and watch movies and tutorials.

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