#BagongNanayReviews: Hey Baby PH Personalized Books

When I was still pregnant, I received lots of preloved books from my friends – all of which are still loved and enjoyed by my almost 2 year old daughter today.

More than the clothes and toys, I loved the books! I love reading as a child; I read encyclopedias and dictionaries, and then obsessed with Stephen King books when I became a teen.

As a #BagongNanay, I came to love giving books as gifts to babies. I believe that a picture book is always age-appropriate. Babies will love looking at the pictures, then identifying them as toddlers, and then finally, reading the story when they become preschoolers. It’s a no-fail gift. After all, as my favorite author Stephen King said, “Books are a unique portable magic.”

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

Stephen King

That’s why, my daughter and I were very giddy when we received a book last week, from one of her book fairy Titas. What’s more, it’s personalized! It’s the first time we ever got a personalized book!

My daughter’s face when she got a new book!

So I thought of sharing what my daughter and I love about Hey Baby PH’s personalized book.

1. It’s thoughtfully created.

2. The material and print is high-quality.

3. It’s the perfect bedtime story.

4. It’s created by parents – who are teachers!

Each book is unique

Just like how each of our babies is unique, so is every book from Hey Baby PH. From the cover to the inside pages, it is personalized with your baby’s name. The story character is also customized based on your child’s gender. Hooray for inclusion!

When she wants to read this book, my 20-month-old tells me,
“Read books, goo-night Lia!”

Best part is – if you give it as a gift, you can add a personalized note! For sure, the receiver will remember you forever. It also comes in a sleek black packaging that is personalized too!

Value for money

For its price which is Php 425, you would expect a flimsy book. But no. Hey Baby PH’s book is printed on vivid lustre paper, making the illustrations and words stand out. The size is also just right for my toddler’s tiny hands. I love that the pages are thick, making it almost indestructible (for now).

Material is tough enough to be flipped repeatedly by my little bookworm. Size is also just right for her cute little hands.

Storyline is simple and relatable

This rhyming bedtime story is so relatable. It starts of with a child who is not yet sleepy. So she drinks milk, brushes her teeth, and then ends up sleeping.

When my daughter saw the book for the first time, she wanted to brush her teeth! She doesn’t like to brush, but the book made her do it! Magical, right?

“Nanay, brush teeth!” she said, after seeing the other Lia brushing.

Created by a #BagongNanay and a #BagongTatay who are teachers

I learned from my friend that the creators of Hey Baby PH is a mom and dad duo who are teachers and first-time parents! It’s nice to know, and it inspires me to write a storybook too! I can imagine the love they put into this project. My child inspires me to do things I never thought I could do too.

Personalized Hey Baby PH book for Lia! Thank you to Tita Cait, her book fairy tita for gifting it out of the blue. ☺

I look forward to the books that they will create next!

So if you are looking for a gift for pregnant moms, babies, or toddlers, I recommend getting a personalized book from Hey Baby PH!

Check out their Instagram and Facebook page to order yours. It is available for pre-order, and they don’t accept rush orders.

Again, this is not a sponsored post. I just love their product, and I wanted to help spread the word to more #BagongNanays like me.

Nanay Judy

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