#BagongNanayReviews: Mega-Malunggay Capsules

Are you also like me who is not fond of taking supplements in the form of capsules or tablets? I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the thought that I am taking medicines when I am perfectly fine. That’s why when I started breastfeeding, I prefer eating lactation treats or drinking malunggay as tea. You can read my review about my favorite malunggay tea here.

But then there are days when I feel like my breasts are empty and my daughter’s about to feed, but I’m too tired or just too lazy to prepare a drink. That’s when – fine – these green, awkward-tasting malunggay capsules come handy.

There are five reasons why I started taking Mega-Malunggay Capsules to help boost my breastmilk supply:

1. It is widely used by moms.

2. It doesn’t contain sugar.

3. It is easy to take.

4. It is cheap.

5. It’s worth it.

Not all hype

A lot of celebrity moms and influencers have been promoting Mega-Malunggay capsules. I remember seeing a giant billboard of Bianca Gonzales promoting this VPharma product along EDSA.

Photo credits: Bianca Gonzales’ Facebook account

My favorite momma peg, Iya Villania-Arellano, also uses it, and promotes it on Instagram. I thought it was all hype, not until I used it myself.

Photo from Iya Villania Arellano’s Instagram account

Healthy option

While it feels so good to give in to all the lactation treats available – tea, chocolate drink, coffee, cookies – name it, some moms just don’t like too much sugar. We Bagong Nanays are conscious about getting our prenatal body back. So a sugar-free lactation aid is always a good idea.

Photo from VPharma’s Facebook page

This is also the product preferred by pregnant moms who have been diagnosed to have gestational diabetes.

No-frills malunggay

Because of Mega-Malunggay, you don’t need to ask your husband to climb your malunggay tree, or ask your neighbor to spare you some leaves. You don’t need to go into the hassle of removing the malunggay leaves from the stems.

Mega-Malunggay is made of pure malunggay leaves, and one capsule is already equivalent to 3/4 cup of malunggay leaves. You can also open the capsule up, and just sprinkle the malunggay powder to your food and drink!

Photo from VPharma’s Facebook page

Did you know that you can start taking Mega-Malunggay capsules on your 32nd week?

Value for money

For only 9.50php per capsule, it gives you the peace of mind that you can produce enough milk for your baby. Its effect varies per person, but based on my experience, taking Mega-Malunggay before bedtime gives me enough milk to put my baby to sleep. That’s of course complemented with unli-latch and enough rest and sleep.

Mega-Malunggay has no approved therapeutic claims. But it is Halal-Certified and FDA-approved safe.

Best in the market

I used to take Natalac because it was readily available in drugstores. However, it only has 250g of malunggay. That’s why Mega-Malunggay is mega – it has the highest milligram available of malunggay plus 100mg of vitamin C.

Photo: bagongnanay

It works for me, and I hope it works for you too, Bagong Nanay. Would you like to try Mega-Malunggay? Comment below and I will give you a discount on your first order. You can also order your stocks at The Bagong Nanay Shop. Get it today.

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