HACKED! By working nanays

#BagongNanayQOTW: Anong hack mo to manage both work and family?

Last week, we focused on our full-time nanays – what their past jobs were before they chose to stay home and put their family first. This week, mga working nanays naman ang bida.

Being a #BagongNanay is a tough job already, and to have a full-time job means you need another set of superpowers.

I remember having a home-based job right after I quit my full-time work. Namiss ko kaagad yung daily grind, kaya nag-apply ako sa onlinejobs.ph as a communications manager for a Canada-based health company.

We didn’t have a yaya or anyone else to help us with taking care of my then 9-month-old baby. So my schedule was crazy and unhealthy that I lost a lot of weight and I felt like the stress affected my breastmilk supply.

So after four months of full-time work + full-time Nanay, I decided to quit. My husband supported me on my decision. Of course, I wanted to still contribute financially and not really stop working. But without anyone to help me, I was killing myself. So I just opted to do freelance work and started a reselling business instead.

My boss was shocked that I had to leave that early. We enjoyed working together, but I told her, we are in the business of health and wellness. But your employee is turning into a zombie. Wag ganun, mamsh.

So I thought of asking our working nanay followers on Instagram how in the world they are able to manage both working and taking care of their family. I am so happy with the hacks they shared!

“YouTube Kids.” rejjventress

Mommy Rej shared that sometimes, walang choice kasi minsan, lahat sila need mag-work. They would resort to letting her child watch YouTube Kids to keep him entertained.

In one of the webinars by Mommy Mundo that I attended last year, a pediatrician said that giving screentime is not bad. It’s all about setting limits and making sure that the content that your child is watching is fit for their age. A tip that she shared is to check on your child once in a while, engage him/her with what they are watching so that there is still interaction happening.

“Music!” arkaydee

Mommy Rachel says playing a lot of music and dance helps her manage work and nanay life. It’s a good way to bond with your child too!

Sometimes, when I need to cook or do something, I put my child on her high chair, give her crayons and paper, and then play Cocomelon or nursery rhymes on Spotify. Her eyes are not locked on the screen, but she is happy coloring while listening to her favorite rhymes. Win-win!

“Work when they are asleep.” eringoesgaga

For Mommy Erin, she works on graveyard shift. She works at night when her kids are asleep, and sleeps a bit in the day. She said, “the trick is to talk to them and let them understand why you need to work so they try and don’t disturb you. She adds, mahirap pero wala namang mahirap sa willing, and kakayanin naman.”

Grabe talaga ang super powers ng mga nanay. I wonder how many hats a mother could wear. Salute!

“Have a detailed daily routine.” fredaagustin

According to Mommy Freda, “mas okay if alam ng anak mo yung daily routine niyo para both kayo ma-manage yung expectations per day. Better if detailed talaga yung routine with time and activity.”

I think this is a really nice hack that moms can follow, once their child can understand setting expectations and following routines. I can’t wait for my toddler to understand that I have to work! Haha. Pero cherish ko muna ang moment ngayon.

“Train them to do their school work.” mamee_aizy

Check out this hack from Mommy Aizy: “Been working at home for seven years kaya sanay na sila na they cannot disturb me during work hours. I trained them to do their school work as [early] as four, and daily routine schedule works for us.”

Ayun! Like Mommy Freda, daily routine schedule is key. Ang galing lang na kayang mag-cope ng mga kids once they understand why their mom needs to work, at the same time, ang galing na kinakaya ng mom to work despite the hardships that they experience.

Thanks to everyone who shared their answers! Whether you are a full-time nanay, or a working nanay, saludo ako sa’yo, #BagongNanay. Walang hindi kakayanin para sa mga mahal natin.

Should you need someone to talk to – mag-rant about work or mag-ask about nanayhood experiences, join us at the Bagong Nanay Community on Viber. It aims to be a safe space for first-time and modern moms to talk about motherhood, life, and anything under the sun. From one nanay to another. No judgment.

Ikaw, #BagongNanay? Anong hack mo para kayanin maging working mom? Share mo naman!

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