#BagongNanayReviews: Beginnings Baby

#BagongNanayReviews: Beginnings Baby

#BagongNanay, how was your experience shopping for newborn essentials?

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was both anxious and excited to complete THE list. My fellow #BagongNanay friend Rej shared an Excel file of baby stuff with me! It’s better than those available online because she vetted the checklist based on what’s really essential based on her experience. I had a phase wherein I would obsess on the list. I would ask my husband to go to the mall so we can buy this and that.

Want the full list? Comment below or email me at bagongnanayshop@gmail.com and I can share it to you!

I will always remember that moment when we finally went to the Baby Section in SM. We went straight to where the white stuff are. We were both shy at first to ask the saleslady what we need. We both teared up a little when it dawned upon us that legit – we’ll be having a baby! We got a set of tie-sides – sleeveless, short sleeves, and long sleeves. Towels, bibs, and blankets.

It was all fun until – we couldn’t find a set of mittens of the same brand. Of course, we’d want the complete set for our baby! Sadly, the saleslady said “Out of stock po ang mittens, Ma’am.” Noooooo! My pregnancy hormones went wild.

So we weren’t able to buy a set of mittens and booties yet. “Hanap nalang tayo sa ibang SM.” It took us a few trips to different SM stores – but we ended up buying mittens and booties from a different brand or else my baby will have none.

Why did we scrimp on our baby’s first clothes anyway? Why did we settle for what’s in the mall? I realized just now. If I could turn back time, I would have looked for a better brand where I can buy the complete newborn stuff set, and spare me the headache and anxiety.

Last month, I was lucky to receive a free gift from a mom I met in a mommy group im Viber. She is giving away a batch of Beginnings Baby gift sets! I know every #BagongNanay loves to receive freebies – especially if it’s a twinning mommy and baby shirt!

Beginnings Baby is an all-white infant apparel brand, created specifically for babies 0-12 months. It carries a full range of baby apparel needs! Tie-sides, shorts, pajamas, bibs, and yes, mittens and booties!!! What’s best is you can buy individually or the complete set – ONLINE.

Order by the bundle from their website!

Yes. No need to go to the mall and look for the stuff yourself. Especially in this time of pandemic, a #BagongNanay needs to stay home. Don’t be shocked with the price of their bundles though – I don’t want to spoil it for you but – baby’s clothes are more expensive than our clothes!

They didn’t ask me to write a review here in my blog, but the free stuff they gave me – a mommy shirt and a pack of sando for my baby – were the coolest stuff we’ve worn! I had to write about it!

Super soft fabric!

The fabric is cool because it’s soft and breathable. I’m actually wearing it right now. I feel like I’m a baby too.

Hands down comfy

The size is also comfy for both of us! So comfy and breathable that my toddler wants to go inside my shirt to breastfeed!

I love it! I’d definitely get my next baby’s stuff from them! (Hopefully after three years!)

Head on to their website beginningsbaby.com and check out their all-white baby stuff. Start your baby right. You can thank me later. 🙂

Have you tried Beginnings Baby? What can you say about it? Comment below!

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