Manager noon, nanay ngayon

#BagongNanayQOTW: Anong work mo bago ka naging #BagongNanay?

Around this time last year, I was wrapping up meetings and presentation decks, completing my clearance requirements, and thinking twice if I would really quit my job. I was part of the communications team of a non-profit organization for six years. It was my dream job. Prior to that, I was a news writer and a field reporter.

I submitted my resignation letter on January 29, 2020, and I thought it was one of the bravest things I’ve done in my life.

I realized that what’s braver and more courageous is the ability to put up with that decision everyday. Before being a full-time nanay, I worked jobs that required me to travel a lot, multitask a lot, and do everything in a rush. Now, I am home 24/7 taking care of my 19-month-old, doing routine tasks like cleaning and cooking. The pandemic isn’t helping, so it’s harder because we can’t go out.

Grabe ang transition, right? I still can’t believe that I’ve been a full-time nanay for almost a year now. There are moments when I would daydream about work and meetings, but then again I wake up to the sound of my little boss, saying, “Nanay, Nanay.”

So I thought of asking our full-time nanay followers on Instagram what their past jobs were. It was fun knowing their answers!

#BagongNanayQOTW posted on Bagong Nanay Instagram account on Feb 12, 2021

“Manager sa isang international fastfood chain at events organizer.” momofhyperkids

I can imagine kung gaano ka-extra ang mga birthday celebration sa family nila Mommy Honey!

“Restaurant supervisor.” evrydaymomslife

Ano kayang mas mahirap i-supervise, Mommy Jemma? Restaurants o kids? 🤔😆

“Isa po akong laundry staff.” daisy_sanuco

Puro damit muna ng pamilya niya ang lalabhan ni Mommy Daisy.

“Hospital nurse.” mommycheespeaks

According to Mommy Chee, hindi na niya pinursue ang nursing profession dahil maliit ang sahod. Noong dalaga pa siya, option niya sana mag-abroad, pero now, hindi na niya gusto dahil mahal daw mag-process ng papers. #SanaAll may nurse na mommy!

Thanks to everyone who shared their answers! Whether you are a full-time nanay, or a working nanay, saludo ako sa’yo, #BagongNanay. The Bagong Nanay life is tough, but you are tougher!

Should you need someone to talk to, join us at the Bagong Nanay Community on Viber. It aims to be a safe space for first-time and modern moms to talk about motherhood, life, and anything under the sun. From one nanay to another. No judgment.

Ikaw, #BagongNanay? Anong work mo before ka naging full-time nanay? Share mo naman!

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