Hello, Bagong Nanay.

adj. 1. new; 2. fresh; 3. original; 4. recent; 5. modern; 6. young; unexperienced

n. 1. a female parent: ina, inang, inay, nanay, mama

Being a Bagong Nanay is not easy. Babies don’t come with a manual.

But by sharing our stories, we empower each other.

You are not alone, nanay.


A strong mama herself, Chesca Susmerano, shares how we can support strong mamas too. Because as Chesca shares, even if they don’t admit they need it, we can all do something to support even the strongest of moms. Read more.


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About Bagong Nanay

Created in 2019, Bagong Nanay is a community that aims to support first-time and modern moms in their parenting journey.